Sons Of The Forest: How to get the Rope Gun (easy way)

This guide will teach you how to get the rope gun the easy way which is valid for all difficulties.

It allows you to skip the long and tedious cave and get right to the loot. This can be extremely useful in higher difficulties when playing alone


The rope gun can be found in a cave that is close to one of the helicopter crash sites.

Enter through the exit

Before continuing make sure to save your game before entering

To get to the rope gun make sure to actually enter the cave through its designed exit as marked on the images. Usually you wouldn’t be able to reach the rope gun from that side as itself is required to reach the location, however you can get around this.

Trick to get the rope gun

In order to get the rope gun simply make your way down the cave. Jump and sprint past any enemies and come up to the right side of the rock formation on which the loot can be found

All you have to do is spam your jump key and make your way up the steep rock.


If done correctly you are the new owner of this useful and awesome toy

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